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WhatsApp Used as Marketing Tool


As we all know that WhatsApp is dominating mobile application in today’s World. All types of latest Mobile phone brand supports this application. People spend most of their time using WhatsApp as it is a most common social application. WhatsApp is the easiest way nowadays to communicate with others all over the World as SMS and Call etc. are expensive and needs credit but to use WhatsApp you only need an internet connection. We can also share documents, pictures, videos, audios and files via WhatsApp to an individual or in groups.

People are now trying to use WhatsApp as a marketing tool for promotion of their respective brands. This can be the best way for digital marketing indeed. As in campaign like politics etc. WhatsApp plays a perfect role for digital marketing by sending messages to individuals. To boost the promotion of your brand’s new items you can send promotional messages with picture videos to your client who are already using your product. Sending promotional messages to random people may in fact lead to a very negative perception of your brand.

WhatsApp has a great feature which allows many users to interact on a mutual platform through groups. Creating groups of your customers reduce your work, you just send one message at a time which goes to every member of that group. Although, the shoppers might have the same interest in either your brand or services. There is absolutely no need for them to interact with each other but Most of the customers usually, delete and exit group if they find themselves among strangers who have no connection with them so WhatsApp interaction for marketing purpose should always be on an individual basis.

How exactly should we promote our brand on WhatsApp? This is one of the main questions.

So it is simple that firstly, we can change our profile picture with the products display or mostly companies put their Logo as the display picture. Secondly, we should send some picture and videos to our customers with appropriate text which describes the product. Do not keep on sending messages again and again to them else, in the end, they will straight away block you. Sending a message one or twice a week would be perfect, we can also increase the frequency of messages when we get a good response from them.

Mostly, women who are housewives or are busy at home and cannot promote the clothes which they usually stitch at home and want to sell in the market makes most of the WhatsApp as their marketing tool by sending pictures of the clothes to their customers or contacts and in this way they promote easily from anywhere through WhatsApp. Many men who also do clothing or any other work side by side also save their time this way. Make groups of your workplace or work group mates and update them easily through it. The most of it is if you are working with freelancers and need to be in contact with them consistently even when they are not near to their laptop. Daily billions of people check their conversations on WhatsApp hourly.

There is also another feature that we can update a status on WhatsApp which can be seen along with the contact. Status with the product name and company name will help people to know that who you are as people lose contacts sometime and when you send them a message, they ignore you so to show your identity, name should be there in status. It is clear that WhatsApp is not less than a Blessing in today’s life as all latest brand phones support it.